ORGANIC HERBAL REMEDY: Azoospermia, Oligospermia

This organic herbal tea corrects the absence of sperm in the sperm, improves the quality and quantity of sperm, treats male infertility ...

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Azoospermia is a sperm abnormality characterized by the total absence of sperm in the ejaculate while Oligospermia is an abnormality in the sperm, in terms of the amount of sperm
. Obviously, they lead to infertility in men, because in the absence of sperm there can be no fertilization. They affect less than 1% of men in the general population, or 5 to 15% of infertile men.
The herbal tea remedies the absence of sperm in the sperm, improves the quality of sperm, treats male infertility.
This herbal tea is a mixture of plant extracts, plants and immunostimulatory medicinal roots, immunoreconstituents very rich in micronutrients to regulate the rate of sperm production, to improve the quality of sperm to have more pleasure and organs.

there are two types of azoospermia:

Secretory azoospermia (for non-obstructive azoospermia)
Spermatogenesis is altered or zero and the testes do not produce sperm. The cause of this spermatogenesis defect can be:

° hormonal, with an absence or anomaly of secretion of the sex hormones which can be congenital or acquired, in particular due to pituitary tumors which alter the functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis or after treatment (chemotherapy for example);
° genetics: presence of an additional X chromosome, which affects 1 in 1200 men, chromosome structural anomaly (microdeletion, i.e. loss of a fragment, of the Y chromosome in particular), translocation (a segment chromosome detaches and attaches to another). These chromosomal abnormalities are responsible for 5.8% of male infertility problems;
° bilateral cryptorchidism: the two testicles did not descend into the bursa, which alters the process of spermatogenesis;
° an infection: prostatitis, orchitis.

Obstructive or excretory azoospermia (obstructive azoospermia)
The testes produce many sperms but they cannot be exteriorized due to a blockage of the canals (epididymis, vas deferens or ejaculatory canals). The cause can be of origin:

° congenital: the seminal tracts were altered from embryogenesis, resulting in an absence of the vas deferens. In men with cystic fibrosis, a mutation in the CFTR gene can cause an absence of vas deferens;
infectious: the pathways were obstructed following an infection (epididymitis, prostato-vesiculitis, prostatic utricle).

"" "The main symptom of azoospermia is infertility" ""


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