This organic remedy will treat your infections, clean your fallopian tubes, your genital wounds; the white losses ...

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A very effective natural organic treatment. This organic remedy will treat your infections, clean your fallopian tubes, your genital wounds; white discharge and finally boost your ovulation thanks to our FORTI-OVU powder and you will be able to get pregnant easily.

Beware of vaginal yeast infection, Candidiasis manifests itself in particular by odorless and thick vaginal discharge, which has the consistency and color of a curd or curd. They are accompanied by vaginal itching and, sometimes, burning during intercourse.
A large majority of women suffer from white discharge but it is not always easy to talk about it freely, even to their doctor or gynecologist or their partner.
You may have some non-bloody discharge from the vagina. Sometimes they are even more abundant than usual. That doesn't mean you have to worry. These white discharge may be completely normal even if they are unusual, however, some discharge may be a sign of infection. You have to know how to recognize and treat them.

Vaginal discharge is normal when it is odorless, light or milky in color, does not cause irritation or burning, and does not stiffen the laundry. They are the means used by our body to clean the vagina, especially dead cells on its wall, so that it stays clean. The amount and color of secretions vary according to the times of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. But, if they become very abundant, purulent, smelly or painful, they are generally the sign of an infection, sexually transmitted or not. It is estimated that most women suffer from a vaginal infection at least once in their lifetime. In nine out of ten cases, the infection is caused by a fungus, yeast or bacteria, and once in ten with trichomonas, a parasite.


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