Herbal tea-remedy-organic: blocked fallopian tubes and Hydrosalpinx

Infertility isn't just related to ovulation problems. Problems can also arise with the tubes when they are blocked or damaged

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Infertility is not only related to ovulation problems. Problems can also arise with the tubes when they are clogged or altered. The egg and sperm simply cannot meet.In order for a woman to get pregnant and have a baby, the tubes must function normally and be intact (at least one !). In 15% of cases of fertility disorders, the causes are related to an abnormality of the tubes. The Bio Health and Prosperity group offers a natural antiseptic treatment that treats inflammations and infections. This herbal tea prevents the formation of scar tissue and adhesions very effective to unclog your fallopian tubes and restore your fertility. Herbal tea helps reduce congestion and excess body fluids. These properties allow the release of the fallopian tubes caused by Several conditions. This anomaly is related to genital infections, endometriosis or a sequelae of surgery.

Genital infections

°Genital infections are most often the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases that reach the tubes. Salpingitis is an inflammation of the tubes due to genital infection. It can be acute (that is, the infection is recent) or chronic (the infection has occurred in the past and still persists) and cause obstruction in the tubes. Salpingitis-related infections are usually due to Chlamydiae germs, mycoplasmas or gonococci. These are germs that cause sexually transmitted diseases, but most often go unnoticed.
°To prevent these infections, it is recommended to protect yourself during sexual intercourse (especially in case of multiple or occasional partners) and regular follow-up at your gynecologist is necessary.
Other infections

°Other infections can contaminate the tubes. In case of peritonitis (an infection of the peritoneum) for example, following complicated appendicitis, the tube can be infected.
Uterine infections can also clog the tubes. In the case of a history of abortion or miscarriage, scarring in the tissues after these events will develop and constitute obstacles in the fallopian tubes. This is also the case with one or a history of ectopic pregnancy.

°Endometriosis is a gynecological condition in which the endometrial tissue that normally covers the uterine wall is found in the uterine tubes. The abnormal presence of this uterine lining in the tubes will block the progress of sperm towards the egg and prevent fertilization.
Surgical sequelae

°We talk about an adhesion when the walls of the tubes stick together, preventing the movement of the egg and sperm. These adhesions are sometimes post-operative complications. They can form as a result of appendectomy or surgery of the ovaries or uterus. These post-operative complications are rare today because they are easily controlled.

When the tubes are clogged, it will interfere with the movement and progression of the egg and sperm. Either the egg can not meet the sperm (and there is no fertilization), or there is fertilization, but the egg can not progress to the uterus.
When fertilization does not occur or remains impossible, the egg is automatically lost in the abdominal cavity. We're talking tubal infertility.
If the obstruction is not complete, the fertilized egg will be able to circulate, but will have difficulty progressing to the uterus. The egg will then implant in the proboscis and evolve into ectopic pregnancy. At some point, the proboscis will rupture, causing internal bleeding.

What is Hydrosalpinx?

Sante bio hydrosalpinx
Hydrosalpinx is a condition that causes blockage and swelling of the fallopian tubes with fluid. Hydrosalpinx blockages can be partial or complete. Also called salpingitis, the disease can affect one or both fallopian tubes. Hydrosalpinx is caused by an infection and the infected fluid begins to accumulate inside the tube (s). The fluid is trapped by blockages on each side, so the fluid has no place to go and the fallopian tube begins to swell. The tube can look like a sausage. Other terms used to describe hydrosalpinx are: infected fallopian tubes, swollen fallopian tubes, infected liquid fallopian tubes.

Hydrosalpinx-Removing the Fallopian Tubes before IVF

Sante bio hydrosalpinx traitement naturel
Hydrosalpinx is not considered treatable in fertility clinics, so patients are usually referred to an IVF specialist. Removal of the tube (s) affected by hydrosalpinx is often suggested or required prior to IVF. This suggestion is made because of the danger presented by the infected fluid leaking into the uterus significantly reducing the success rate of IVF. Hydrosalpinx can also cause miscarriage in pregnancy. The problem with the removal of the tubes affected by hydrosalpinx is that such a drastic measure is irreversible. This can increase the chances of IVF, but once the fallopian tubes are removed, there is no hope of conceiving naturally. IVF becomes the only option. For this reason alone, all less drastic approaches should be examined and exhausted before removing the fallopian tubes.

Natural Treatment for Hydrosalpinx

Bozo bio afrique tisane remede infertilite feminine trompes bouchees perte blanche tomber enceinte kyste fibromes myome

Hydrosalpinx has been successfully treated many times with SANTE BIO PLANTES. Our herbal treatment works on hydrosalpinx the same way it works on any blocked tube.Treatment softens blockages and debris is removed from the reproductive system during vaginal flushing. When any blockage on the proximal side (near the uterus) has been evacuated, the trapped fluid flows out and the shape of the fallopian tube returns to normal. Many women who use our remedy to treat hydrosalpinx actually report the time when this fluid flows out. Treatment continues to work on the remaining blockages and eventually, the underlying infection causing the tube to swell. After the distal blockages are completely removed, the fallopian tube will function normally. At this point, natural conception is possible again.

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