Solution without surgery your herbal remedy to cure varicocele safely by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. This organic remedy has already solved many cases like yours. We can be reached here +22962209292

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Our herbal treatment to cure varicocele is very effective composition with 96% success. The use of medicinal plants has always given excellent results and the SANTE BIO & PROSPERITE center provides you with a follow-up service during your treatment period; you have nothing to fear because you are now in good hands

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This treatment is the best solution to treat you safely without any consequences in your sex life.This natural remedy is purely based on plants and roots from our African forests reduced to powder to treat infections, correct spermatic veins in order to boost the quality and quantity of your spermazoids. correction of the spermatic veins makes it easier for blood to flow to your lower limbs. Already the first month of treatment you will get rid of all symptoms and you can resume your analyzes and also the spermogram. This treatment corrects fertility in all men, even if it is severe oligospermia. Our treatment is individual and our customer service will follow up with you from the start to the end of your treatment.


First of all, our care is individual and we must know if the patient has already been operated on and followed by his spermogram result in order to compose an effective treatment to cure him not only of the varicocele but also to boost the quality and the quantity of his sperm during treatment. Our natural treatment against varicocele lasts 1 to 2 months taking into account the patient's grade. This is the best way to cure yourself of varicocele without surgery.

Varicocele is a common male disease whose incidence is even higher in the population of infertile men. Although its mechanisms have not been fully explained to date, it seems accepted that varicocele can be associated with testicular dysfunction with reduction in testicular volume and in the sperm concentration of the ejaculate.
But don't worry this tea / herbal tea has already solved many cases like yours, Our herbal remedy is the secret to healing you naturally in 1 or 2 months of treatment it all depends on the discomfort you feel. Know that our care is individualized. So it will vary depending on your symptoms and your expectations.
Varicocele is a dilation of the veins around the testis, caused by backward flow of blood into the sperm vein. The cause is an insufficiency of the venous valves whose mission is to prevent the blood from moving back under the effect of gravity (when standing) or, more rarely, compression of the vein by a tumor (kidney cancer especially).
In 85 to 90% of cases, the left side is affected. On this side, the spermatic veins join the left renal vein while on the right side they join the inferior vena cava. Although both sides can be affected symmetrically or asymmetrically.Varicocele is caused due to the dysfunction of a valve located in the veins (which allows blood to flow to the testes). As the cause of this dysfunction is still unknown, it is impossible to explain the exact causes of varicocele.

Varicocele can either not give any symptoms (and in this case it remains undetectable), or manifest itself by the following symptoms:

A heaviness in the testicles, especially at the end of the day or in hot weather;
At an advanced stage, an increase in the size of the testicle.
Diagnosis and additional examinations
Bilateral and comparative, the diagnosis looks for varicose dilations above the testicles. Palpation of the testicles is performed lying down and then standing, following what doctors call the Valsalva maneuver.

The examination eliminates another cause of heaviness (inguinal hernia, cyst of the spermatic cord, effusion of fluid in the bursa, tumor of the testis). The doctor should also perform a comparative size of the testes using a Prader orchidometer or via ultrasound. The latter highlights venous dilations, eliminates another local pathology and can, if a Doppler study is associated, show the stagnation of blood in the dilated veins.

There are four grades of varicocele defined by classification:

Grade 0 where the varicocele is not visible, not palpable and only detectable only by ultrasound;
Grade I for which the disease is palpable after Valsalva maneuver but not visible;
Grade II where it is not visible but palpable filling by gravity in a standing position without Vasalva maneuver;
Grade III where it is visible and palpable without Vasalva.
The evolution of varicocele
The course is variable: a varicocele may very well never bother the patient. Conversely, it can cause discomfort that increases over the years to become almost permanent. Sometimes varicocele is only bothersome in periods.

Defining the role of varicocele in infertility in men is not straightforward. It is a relatively common and even trivial condition, affecting 22% of men. And yet, this phenomenon is really linked to fertility problems, given that a varicocele is present in 40% of infertility cases recorded in men.

Today, there is still much disagreement about the mechanisms behind the decline in fertility. Some specialists believe that the stagnation of blood in the heart of the varicose vein tends to increase the temperature of the testicles. As a result, spermatogenesis would be impacted since it occurs at a relatively low temperature.

When a varicocele is observed, the alteration of the spermogram coincides with the decrease in the number of sperm and their mobility. We also observe atypical forms more numerous and frequent. These few symptoms (coiled flagella, thinned or elongated heads, etc.) are usually accompanied by fragmentation of the DNA of the chromosomes in the sperm.


* Always keep your testicles in good condition (Always wear underpants)

* Avoid consuming:
- remove spices
-the alcohol,
-the tobacco
-avoid sports activities during the treatment period
-Taking hot baths often will help reduce inflammation.


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