Acridocarpus (gbanguinan)

Acridocarpus (gbanguinan)

In particular, south of the Bandiagara escarpments, there is a plant endemic to the Dogon Country: Acridocarpus monodi, from the Malpighiaceae family. For modern science, it is currently only known through two samples, the first collected by Marcel Griaule in 1935 and the second in 1958, by the botanist Paul Jaegger. Dogon traditional knowledge considers it essential to daily life, especially because of its medicinal properties in the fight against pernicious fevers.

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Acridecarpus smithmanii occurs from humid littoral forest to dry deciduous forest and
in the thickets

Acridocarpus smeathmannii is a name of a species, belonging to the genus ACRIDOCARPUS. It is a highly valued, heavily exploited medicinal herb that is used in the formulation of 41 recipes to treat 37 diseases.
The leaves are simple, most often opposite, and often have paired glands on the petiole or the base of the blade; stipules are usually present. The flowers are
for the most part are bisexuals and actinomorphic or weakly zygomorphic. The perianth usually consists of two
whorls with 5 distinct segments in each. One or more of the sepals usually have one or more conspicuous glands. The petals are usually collected and the branch is usually fringed or toothed. The androecium usually consists of 10 distinct stamens or, at the base, cone-shaped, in two whorls, but some or half of these are usually reduced to staminodes

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Acridocarpus Smeathmannii is a medicinal plant used in the treatment of arterial hypertension by traditional healers for the treatment of: Asthenia; Anemia; Sexual weakness (man), acridocarpus root decoction

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eat a small piece of acridocarpus smeathmannii root 45 minutes before having sex. Effective against sexual weakness (men)

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