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Cola nitida is a tree of the family Sterculiaceae (classic classification) or Malvaceae (phylogenetic classification), native to tropical West Africa. It is one of the species of cola trees that produce the kola nut, with a bitter taste, very popular in West and Central Africa, for its stimulating virtues and symbolic values.


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it is a tree 5 to 10 meters high with a straight trunk. The alternate and oval leaves have a longpetiole. The flowers are grouped in clusters of yellow color. The fruits are formed of 5 carpels about 16cm long and contain 4 to 5 seeds, improperly called cola nuts. The alcades divide into two cotyledons. We can have more or less red nuts depending on the variety or conservation


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Fresh cola nuts are chewed by many Africans for their stimulating properties, and as an appetite suppressant. They also play an important role in the rites and customs of social life. Offering a few nuts to someone is considered a sign of kindness and politeness. They accompany marriage, funeral ceremonies, birth. They are known to be aphrodisiacs


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Traditionally, the leaves, branches, flowers, fruits and bark of the two species nifida and C. acuminata have been used to prepare a remedy for dysentery, cough, diarrhea, vomiting. , the fruits and roots of the colatier are used as a tonic or against dysentery, diarrhea

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