(cocobesinsin Magbehazonde) chenopodium ambrosioides


(cocobesinsin Magbehazonde) chenopodium ambrosioides

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ambrosioides is a short lived annual or perennial herb native to America. She was naturalized elsewhere, such as in the South of France


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Root oblong, fibrous. - Stem arched, branched, greenish, grooved; covered with a short powdery down, 30 to 50 centimeters high. - Leaves alternate, oblong and lanceolate, thinned at both ends, entire or sinuous, toothed. - Greenish flowers, in axillary clusters with small, straight, entire leaves. - Fruit small, shiny, smooth, with blunt edges; it is an achene. - This plant is very similar to botrys (Chenopodium botrys, L.); but it is much bigger. It is sown in layers in the spring, in a warm exposure, in a light, substantial soil; and when the plants are strong enough, they are transplanted in place; in temperate climates the seed ripens in autumn and reseeds itself

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The plant is used to treat malaria. The leaves are used against edema and tetanus. Internal use: intestinal worms. Internal use is not recommended for pregnant women and children under three months



it can be easily toxic if it is badly dosed; Its consumption in general should be avoided for young children and pregnant women. Overdoses of essential oil have caused symptoms including severe gastroenteritis with pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Deaths in humans have sometimes been observed


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Infusion of the tops, 20 to 25 gr. per 1 kilogram of boiling water Infusion of seeds, 8 gr. per 1 kilogram of boiling water Consume it as a very hot decoction against stomach aches and internal bleeding associated with a fall. the preparation in salty deworming decoction, or in herbal tea to purify the blood

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