Argemone Mexicana (hwetcheyon)

Argemone Mexicana (hwetcheyon)


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Argemone mexicana is a plant that grows in arid areas rich in nitrates. It can measure up to one meter and contains a bright yellow juice (latex) which thickens in the air as well as many alkaloids whose effects have been used for a long time.



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Argemone mexicana occurs as an annual thorny herb. Its prickly stems reach up to 60 to 80cm. Leaves are very indented, bluish green and marbled with white, with thorns on their edge. Its cup-shaped flowers are bright yellow or white. They are honeyed, contrasting with their red pistil, 3 to 6cm wide

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To verify the effectiveness of this plant in the field under real conditions, it was necessary to show a randomized clinical study where the treatment with agemone was compared to the classic treatment with aetemesinin, the therapeutic combination based on artemesinin. (CTA) recommended by WHO. This study showed that the potion based on argemone mexicana leaves could be recommended because it offers real treatment efficiency, comparable to that of the best drugs, without presenting any medical, social or environmental risk.


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Argemone mexicana contains alkaloids triggering dropsies. The resemblance between mustard seeds and argemone mexicana is the cause of accidental mixing of oil, even though the flowering time is not the same. A portion of 1% of contaminated mustard oil is sufficient to trigger symptoms


Argemone mexicana has excellent antimalarial properties; this species produces a yellow latex which is used to combat warts. this plant is commonly used as a medicinal plant. it has a reputation of analgesic, diuretic, cholagogue and anti-inflammatory. seed oil is used as a purgative and as an ointment

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