Anchomanes deformis (biton ga man)


Anchomanes deformis (biton ga man)

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Anchomanes difformis is a species of plants of the genus Anchomanes belonging to the Araceae family. It is a plant that grows in wetlands, which is why it is often found in tropical AFRICA on hot lands. Anchomanes deformis also called Ayomantor in fon is a large terrestrial grass with rhizomes with leaves in the shape of an umbrella



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The species is found in tropical Africa, from Senegal east Africa to Zambia. It is a large, rhizomatous terrestrial herb with umbrella-shaped leaves. A protruding spathe, pale purple or pinkish in color, is implanted off-center on the ovary. It is found in humid forests


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Anchomanes deformis. It is indeed a plant that is present in Africa and whose roots are used to facilitate childbirth and increase the milk in the breasts of a nursing mother. Anchomanes deformis causing uterine contractions, the plant is used to treat various menstrual problems, speed up childbirth or induce an abortion. Anchomanes difformis is a herb used in traditional medicine for the treatment of several diseases. Due to the virtues contained in the roots of this plant, it is involved in the healing of several diseases. These diseases include disorders related to the uterus in women: cysts myomas and fibroids, blocked tubes, etc. It is also involved in the treatment against certain bacteria or viruses.


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Clinical analyzes revealed strong renal toxicity in the event of excessive consumption.


Indeed, a decoction of the roots helps strengthen the human immune system. However, it is not only the roots that are used in African medicine. In traditional medicine, a decoction of the roots of deformed Anchomaniacs is rather used that the woman must take immediately to trigger pregnancy. And that without side effects. The woman gives birth naturally after the treatment

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