Amorphophalus dracontioides (Gami man)


Amorphophalus dracontioides (Gami man)


In spoken French, Amorphophallus is called the Devil's Languages; but the original meaning is more explicit. Amorphophallus comes from the Greek anorphos, which means "misshapen", and phallos, which, like the Latin word phallus, means "penis". The name of the genus Amorphophallus is formed from two Greek roots meaning "shapeless penis". The phallus form of the spadix of species of the genus Amorphophallus leaves no doubt as to the reason for this name. There are more than two hundred species.

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Amorphophallus is a genus of 170 species of tropical and subtropical plants in the Araceae family. They are tuberous herbaceous plants, typical lowland plants that are found from West Africa to the Pacific Islands In the forest, the inflorescence is phallus-shaped as its name suggests, resembling a long arum flower with an unpleasant odor to attract insects, pollination is ensured by wasps and flies, among others; its reddish-brown color for the spathe and creamy white for the back of the throat and the spadix; its fruits poisonous green berries, turning yellow and then orange when ripe; its growth is quite fast and from a height of 0.60-1 m and more



Amorphophallus is first and foremost a natural appetitannan it contains helps reduce the level of lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) and sugar in the blood. By regulating intestinal transit, it treats constipation and diarrhea and removes toxins from the digestive tracte suppressant, so it helps in weight loss. The glucom


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Taking amorphophalus can cause gas, loose stools or a feeling of having eaten too much. These inconveniences can disappear when the dosage is reduced. It is best to start with a low dose and gradually increase it.


Amorphophalus noodles are useful in the preparation of a diet dish. They can replace a pasta dish that

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