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Senna is a shrub whose twigs and flowers are used in herbal medicine to fight against constipation problems. Powerful laxative, senna contains active ingredients, such as natural anthraquinone derivatives, which promote the action of the intestinal flora during transit

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It is used as a medicinal plant. It was a constituent of the simple catholicum of the Western Maritime Pharmacopoeia in the 18th century. It is a small bushy plant, about two feet tall, with a pale green vertical stem and long, spreading branches bearing four or five pairs of leaves.


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The sene contains anthracene derivatives (sennosides A and B). In the colon, the sennosides contained in the sena are digested by the bacteria of the intestinal flora and release anthraquinones which accelerate the transit in two ways: by inhibiting the absorption of water contained in the digested food (the stools remain soft ) and by stimulating bowel movements. The laxative effect of senna is also due to an irritant action on the walls of the intestine, which limits its use. Mustard contains flavonoids, mucilages, essential oils and resins. The laxative effects of senna are due to anthracene glycosides which increase the secretion of fluids and mucus in the intestine, prevent the reabsorption of water and electrolytes in the intestine, and stimulate intestinal motility. They soften the stool without increasing its frequency: about 8 hours after taking it, taking senna causes a bowel movement in constipated people. Sene is known for the laxative properties of its leaves and these fruits. They have the particularity of accelerating intestinal transit and stimulating peristaltic movements. Sene is recommended in cases of occasional constipation: it hydrates the stools which increases their volume and promotes defecation

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Occasional overdose can lead to profuse diarrhea, toxic hepatitis or heart problems requiring immediate medical attention, especially in the elderly.


The husk of sena seeds contains 2% to 5.5% anthranoids, while the leaves contain about 3%. They are dried in the sun and reduced to a powder which is used as is or to obtain a liquid extract. Ragweed is used to treat temporary constipation.

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