(Adjalala man) Chrysantellum afroamericanum


(Adjalala man) Chrysantellum afroamericanum

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Chrysanthellum (Chrysanthellum americanum or Chrysanthellum indicum) belongs to the Asteraceae family. Originally from South America, more particularly from Bolivia and Peru, but developing subspontaneously in tropical Africa and India, that which is sometimes called golden chamomile made its appearance in herbal medicine quite recently in Europe, just before the transition to the year 2000 approximately. However, historically, it does not lack therapeutic virtues

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With its 15 cm high, the erect stem bears small cut leaves and terminal flower heads in tubes and orange-yellow tabs. Subsequently, fruits in the form of achenes are formed. All aerial parts of the plant are used. They contain flavonoids (marine, maritimeine, apigenin), saponosides (chrysanthellins), phenolic acids and alkaloids


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chrysanthellum is particularly indicated in the event of intoxication or following hepatitis. This plant also acts on the circulation of small vessels, helping in the treatment of heavy legs and hemorrhoids or in that of retinal disorders. Chrysanthellum reduces lithiasis and cholesterol levels. chrysanthellum acts on the microcirculation of the capillaries and thus treats heavy legs, rosacea, retinal disorders. It is also useful in cases of arteritis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids


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chrysanthellum is not recommended for people allergic to plants of the asteraceae family. Chrystanthellum is contraindicated in children under 6, pregnant women and people with biliary dyspepsia. Chrysanthellum can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches or stomach aches, as well as mild biliary colitis



An infusion of chrysanthellum is prepared with 1 tablespoon of dried leaves and flowers per cup of boiling water, to be consumed two or three times a day. In dry extracts containing 250 mg of plant, the dosage is 2 capsules to be taken three times a day, at the time of the meals and in cure of twenty days. To lower the triglyceride level, the dosage varies from 1000 to 2000 mg of chrysanthellum per day, in a course of ten to twenty days per month

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