Afzelia africana is a species of trees in the Fabaceae family, native to Africa. Afzelia is an indigenous species of the natural forests of Benin providing good timber. However, its forestry is not under control: the low recovery rate and slow growth.


Afzelia africana has glossy green foliage; the leaf is glabrous and bears 4 or 5 pairs of oval or broadly elliptical, pointed or obtuse acuminate leaflets: the veins, veins and veinlets form a typical network protruding on the two sides. The petiolules are twisted and 6-10 mm long. Flowering takes place in March or April. The flowers are small, yellowish white in color. Sepals are green, the standard is white streaked with red, the calyx tube relatively short, 5-7 mm long .

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The roots, bark, leaves and fruits are used in traditional medicine. A decoction or maceration of the root treats stomach pains, convulsions, trypanosomiasis and hernia, and serves as an antidote


The presence of a cyanogenic compound could explain the presumed toxicity of the seeds. ... In a study of patients with type II diabetes in Nigeria, incorporating Afzelia africana seeds into their diet was shown to have hypolipidemic effects


Quality wood, the bark has medicinal properties. The leaves are rich in nitrogen to enrich the soil

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