Natural male infertility recipe

  • On 16/07/2020

 Natural male infertility recipe

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Male Infertility : Recipe and Natural Treatment


Male Infertility; What can be behind this decline?

Some researchers were quick to wonder what could be behind this decline.

It has been hypothesized that pesticides and other pollutants have an estrogenic action, that is, they cause chemical reactions similar to those caused by the female sex hormone. It is therefore sufficient to expose a man to a sufficiently large quantity of chemical substances to obtain a drop in sperm concentration. First observation: an estrogenic pesticide product accidentally spilled caused male alligators to have a defect in reproductive function.

In the northwest of the USA, the testicles of young otters weigh only one-seventh of normal weight.

In Florida, panthers had been exposed for years to DDT, another estrogenic pesticide, and were feeding on prey that had also absorbed it. Low sperm concentration and unusually high levels of abnormal sperm have been seen in males, undescended testes (cryptorchidism), and thyroid dysfunction.

More and more researchers are calling for much more stringent controls on estrogenic chemicals.

Because humans are mammals, the drop in sperm levels in these other mammals could also affect them if they are exposed to these same products.

As other causes of hypofertility in humans, we can cite hypogonadism, that is to say the insufficient functioning of the testicle, due to a disorder of its hormonal control;

Testicular insufficiency, obstruction or absence of the spermatic pathways, the production of anti-sperm antibodies by women,

Among other causes, we can cite smoking, alcoholism, exposure to heavy metals, testicular trauma (kick, accident, etc.), generalized viral or bacterial infection, chromosomal anomaly, varicocele, tumors, orchitis etc.…

Our best treatment to support you

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What strategies can help to deal with it?

Infertility is a major cause of distress. It may require the choice of an advanced technological solution. Before opting for the latter, check with your doctor for all the possible causes to determine if certain changes in your lifestyle or other modifications could improve your chances of conceiving. And at the same time, why not also consider certain natural alternatives?

- Vitamin B6: It can be obtained by consuming the following vegetables and fruits: okra, banana, onion, cabbage, turnip, pea etc.

- Ginger can significantly increase the density and mobility of sperm.

- Vitamin C: treats male sterility caused by various abnormalities or by agglutination of sperm. It is as effective as various drugs intended to improve fertility: guava, red pepper, etc.

- Drink a portion of honey, crushed rock salt and tamarind pods. Filter first before absorbing it.

- Drink a well-beaten egg white.

- Keep tightly closed for a week a canary containing water, roots of Sclerocarya birrea (“beer” in Wolof), Afrormosia laxiflora (“kulkuli” in Fulani) and honey, or failing this, juice lemon. Sip and drink each morning on an empty stomach a portion of the contents of the container.

- Constitute the following elements: roots of Fagara xanthoxyloides or "gnothie", of Tamarindus indica or "daxaar", the bark of these two plants. Spray this mixture and take after each meal, half a teaspoon in half a glass of hot water, let cool, strain and drink.

- Chew a root of Guiera senegalensis in the form of a toothbrush

- Absorb in a meat broth or chew green pulverized, charred and powdered Acacia albida or "kadd" roots.

- Cook in a decoction of Anona senegalensis roots containing salt, onions, chicken meat. Absorb the broth, eat the chicken meat. This food that must be taken first in the day purges and makes the semen abundant.

- Drink honey or sugar water removed from the fruit of Cola cordifolia. Makes the semen very abundant.

- Cook the egg yolk in cow's butter. Eat the omelette dipped in honey that is also fresh. Makes sperm abundant

- Boil honey, remove the foam above it completely, then pour onion juice. Stir vigorously and for a long time the two elements in order to bind them intimately.

- Each morning, on an empty stomach, take a tablespoon of the mixture, do the same, in the evening, before going to bed. Makes the semen very abundant, inexhaustible and hardens the male member.

- Drink an infusion, sweetened with fresh “nana mint” milk.

- In the evening, an hour before going to bed, mix and drink a well-built egg with the juice of three lemons. Hardens the male member and delays ejaculation.

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